Many developers dream of being able to work from home.. at least I did when I used to work in an office. Almost 3 years ago I managed to transition to working from home and I’ve never looked back since.

Here are my 10 reasons why I love working from home.

1. Time

Once done with the tasks for the day and unless something urgent comes up I can have the rest of the time for myself. This means more time for me, my family, friends and cat.

2. Food

Working in an office in most cases means eating fast food. This is bad for your health and your wallet. Being able to work from home allows me to cook my own food which is healthier and cheaper.

3. No long commute

I used to lose at least 2 hours a day commuting. Now I use this time for myself. Most days I brew coffee and read articles in the mornings and go on a walk or drink beer with friends in the evenings. And not to mention removing all the stress from being stuck in traffic.

4. More time for personal projects and learning new stuff

I have more time for research, learning and experimentation with new tech. This is essential in the IT sphere and having more time to invest is a huge benefit.

5. Saves money

Working from home reduces your expenses for food, commute, and in many cases – rent.

6. Productivity

Many people argue that working from home reduces your productivity, but I’ll have to disagree. When working from home I can work at my own pace and my working environment is less stressful and less distracting. All this results in better productivity.

7. Wearing comfortable clothes

I can work in my PJs ..and even underwear during the summer heats. You won’t realize how great this is until you try it.

8. Health

Better food and less stress alone can benefit your health greatly, but working from home gives you more time for walks and sports in general.

9. Working on your own computer

Most people won’t feel the difference, but for developers having to switch computers can be a real hassle. Not to mention you won’t have to deal with the company’s firewalls and restrictions.

10. Nobody to watch over your shoulder

This can be a big deal. When done with the tasks for the day or if I need some time to think about some problem I can play a game, watch a movie or do whatever. In the office you can’t do any of these things.

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Ivan Kovachev

Ivan Kovachev is Technical Team Lead and Senior Web Developer with over six years of professional experience in the field. Ivan also has an unhealthy interest in everything web related.
Ivan Kovachev
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